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D. Zabulionis

Vilnius Gedyminas Technical University (LT)

Recent publications
1.  Zabulionis D., Kačianauskas R., Rimša V., Rojek J., Pilkavičius S., Spring Method for modelling of particulate solid composed of spherical particles and weak matrix, ARCHIVES OF CIVIL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, ISSN: 1644-9665, DOI: 10.1016/j.acme.2015.06.006, Vol.15, No.4, pp.775-785, 2015

In the present paper, a possibility of an approximation of elastic particulate composite with a network of elastic springs that undertake only axial forces is considered. It is assumed that the springs are equivalent to two hemispheres interacting through a weaker interface member. In a frame of the suggested approach, the description of the composite is limited to translational degrees of freedom, therefore, only a normal interaction between the spheres was considered. The methodology for calculation of the axial stiffness of the elastic springs and obtained solutions of the stiffness in explicit form are the main novelty of the article. A comparison of the stiffnesses of the springs obtained by the proposed methodology and by the three dimensional Finite Element Method (FEM) has shown a good agreement between them in a wide range of the ratio of the modulus of elasticity of the particles and matrix at four different distances between surfaces of the particles. A possibility of the approximation of particulate composite by springs was tested and discussed in details by comparing results of a mechanical response of a sample (under three different loading cases) modelled as a three dimensional solid and as a system comprised of the springs. The solutions were obtained by the FEM.

Spring network model, Lattice model, Particulate composites, Heterogeneous materials, Finite element modelling

Zabulionis D. - Vilnius Gedyminas Technical University (LT)
Kačianauskas R. - Vilnius Gedyminas Technical University (LT)
Rimša V. - Vilnius Gedyminas Technical University (LT)
Rojek J. - IPPT PAN
Pilkavičius S. - Vilnius Gedyminas Technical University (LT)
2.  Zabulionis D., Kačianauskas R., Markauskas D., Rojek J., Investigation of nonlinear tangential contact behaviour of a spherical particle under varying loading, BULLETIN OF THE POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES: TECHNICAL SCIENCES, ISSN: 0239-7528, Vol.60, No.2, pp.265-278, 2012

Conference abstracts
1.  Zabulionis D., Kačianauskas R., Rimša V., Rojek J., A model of stiffness of normal interaction of spherical particles embedded in matrix, PCM-CMM 2015, 3rd Polish Congress of Mechanics and 21st Computer Methods in Mechanics, 2015-09-08/09-11, Gdańsk (PL), pp.105-106, 2015

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