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L. Colard

French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (FR)

Recent publications
1.  Frąś T., Colard L., Pawłowski P., Perforation of aluminum plates by fragment simulating projectiles (FSP), THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MULTIPHYSICS, ISSN: 1750-9548, DOI: 10.1260/1750-9548.9.3.267, Vol.9, No.3, pp.267-286, 2015

The paper describes the ballistic impact test, in which fragment simulating projectiles (FSPs) of a 20-mm-diameter have been used against 40-mmthick plates made of an aluminum alloy AA7020-T651. To perforate plates, the projectiles must have reached a velocity higher than 890 m/s. Based on the performed ballistic test, the plugging failure mode is numerically modeled using the LS-DYNA software package. Results obtained due to the calculations in the Finite Element Method (FEM) are compared with the results from the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). A condition of geometrical similarity between the target deformed experimentally and its numerical representation is introduced to evaluate the performed simulations.

Ballistic impact test, Fragment simulating projectile (FSP), Plugging failure mode, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), Optical scanning

Frąś T. - other affiliation
Colard L. - French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (FR)
Pawłowski P. - IPPT PAN

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