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Prangya Bhol

Jain University (IN)

Recent publications
1.  Jena S.R., Bhavya M.B., Manippady S.R., Bhol P., Swain S., Saxena M., Misra P.K., Samal A.K., Catalytic activity of Au@Cu2O core-shell nanostructure for the organic pollutant remediation, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, ISSN: 0022-3697, DOI: 10.1016/j.jpcs.2021.109935, Vol.152, pp.109935-1-109935-10, 2021

Core-shell metal-semiconductor nanostructures have established worldwide interest due to their magnificent chemical, optical and electrical behavior as compared to their monometallic analogous. Wet chemically synthesized gold-copper oxide (Au@Cu2O) core-shell nanostructures were studied for catalytic activity for the degradation of dyes such as crystal violet (CV) and congo red (CR) and the reduction of organic pollutant, 4-nitrophenol (4-NP) to 4-aminophenol (4-AP) and compared with Au nanoparticles (Au NPs). The Au@Cu2O nanostructures show ten times higher reduction rate for 4-NP than that of monometallic Au NPs. The adsorption followed by degradation of CV, and CR dyes in aqueous solution has been investigated with Au NPs and Au@Cu2O core-shell nanostructures. Kinetics study has been performed using Au NPs and Au@Cu2O core-shell nanostructure for the 4-NP reduction, CV and CR degradation. The synergistic effect in Au@Cu2O core-shell nanostructure facilitates catalytic activity compared to the monometallic Au NPs.

Au@Cu2O, Core-shell nanostructure, 4-Nitrophenol, 4-Aminophenol, Dye degradation

Jena S.R. - Jain University (IN)
Bhavya M.B. - Jain University (IN)
Manippady S.R. - IPPT PAN
Bhol P. - Jain University (IN)
Swain S. - Jain University (IN)
Saxena M. - Jain University (IN)
Misra P.K. - Sambalpur University (IN)
Samal A.K. - Jain University (IN)

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