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Y.N. Young

New Jersey Institute of Technology (US)

Recent publications
1.  Liu Y., Bławzdziewicz J., Cichocki B., Dhont J.K.G., Lisicki M., Wajnryb E., Youngf Y.N., Lang P.R., Near-wall dynamics of concentrated hard-sphere suspensions: comparison of evanescent wave DLS experiments, virial approximation and simulations, SOFT MATTER, ISSN: 1744-683X, DOI: 10.1039/c5sm01624j, Vol.11, pp.7316-7327, 2015

In this article we report on a study of the near-wall dynamics of suspended colloidal hard spheres over a broad range of volume fractions. We present a thorough comparison of experimental data with predictions based on a virial approximation and simulation results. We find that the virial approach describes the experimental data reasonably well up to a volume fraction of ϕ ≈ 0.25 which provides us with a fast and non-costly tool for the analysis and prediction of evanescent wave DLS data. Based on this we propose a new method to assess the near-wall self-diffusion at elevated density. Here, we qualitatively confirm earlier results [Michailidou, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 2009, 102, 068302], which indicate that many-particle hydrodynamic interactions are diminished by the presence of the wall at increasing volume fractions as compared to bulk dynamics. Beyond this finding we show that this diminishment is different for the particle motion normal and parallel to the wall.

Liu Y. - Forschugszentrum Jülich, Institute of Complex Systems (DE)
Bławzdziewicz J. - Texas Tech University (US)
Cichocki B. - University of Warsaw (PL)
Dhont J.K.G. - Forschugszentrum Jülich, Institute of Complex Systems (DE)
Lisicki M. - other affiliation
Wajnryb E. - IPPT PAN
Youngf Y.N. - New Jersey Institute of Technology (US)
Lang P.R. - Forschugszentrum Jülich, Institute of Complex Systems (DE)

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