Jan Malinowski, Ph.D., Eng.

Recent publications
1.Kowalewski Z.L., Klepaczko J.R., Malinowski J.Z., Miniaturized compression test at very high strain rates by direct impact, EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS, ISSN: 0014-4851, DOI: 10.1007/s11340-006-9007-7, Vol.47, pp.451-463, 2007

A modified miniaturized version of the Direct Impact Compression Test (DICT) technique is described in this paper. The method permits determination of the rate-sensitive plastic properties of materials up to strain rate∼105s−1. Miniaturization of the experimental setup with specimen dimensions: diameter dS=2.0 mm and thicknesslS=1.0 mm, Hopkinson bar diameter 5.2 mm, with application of a novel optical arrangement in measurement of specimen strain, makes possible compression tests at strain rates from∼103s−1to∼105s−1. In order to estimate the rate sensitivity of a low-alloy construction steel, quasi-static, Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) and DICT tests have been performed at room temperature within the rate spectrum ranging from 5*10−4s−1to5*104s−1. A diabatic heating and friction effects are analyzed and the final true stress versus true strain curves at different strain rates are corrected to a constant temperature and zero friction. The results have been analyzed in the form of true stress versus the logarithm of strain rate and they show two regions of a constant rate sensitivity β¼Δσ.log": relatively low up to the strainrate threshold∼50 s−1, and relatively high above the threshold, up to strain rate∼4.5*104s−1.


Direct Impact Compression Test (DICT), Dynamic plasticity, Mild Steel, High strain rate

Kowalewski Z.L.-IPPT PAN
Klepaczko J.R.-IPPT PAN
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List of recent monographs
Malinowski J.Z., Kowalewski Z.L., Kruszka L., Doświadczalna metoda oraz badania plastycznego płynięcia metali w zakresie bardzo wysokich prędkości odkształcenia, IPPT PAN, pp.1-88, 2007

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Kowalewski Z.L., Malinowski J., Kowalewski J.
Urządzenie do badania dynamicznej wytrzymałości materiałów konstrukcyjnych
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