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1993-12-16Analiza stanów pokrytycznych w układach sprężystych i niesprężystych 
promotor -- prof. dr hab. inż. Zenon Mróz, IPPT PAN
Ostatnie publikacje
1.Antúnez H., Kowalczyk M., Combined shape and non-shape sensitivity for optimal design of metal forming operations, Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences, ISSN: 1232-308X, Vol.11, No.1, pp.99-118, 2004


Shape and non-shape optimization is carried out for metal forming processes. This means a unified treatment of both shape parameters and other process parameters which are assumed to be design variables. An optimization algorithm makes use of the results of the analysis problem and of the sensitivity parameters obtained as a byproduct of the basic solution, in the context of the direct differentiation method. The shape sensitivity stage is formulated within the domain parametrization approach. Two alternative mappings are proposed to obtain the required derivatives with respect to the shape parameters. The behaviour of different functional considered and the effect of the boundary conditions on the optimal design are discussed.

Słowa kluczowe:

Algorithms, Boundary conditions, Computer simulation, Finite difference method, Friction, Mathematical models, Optimization, Perturbation techniques, Sensitivity analysis, Domain parameterization, Material derivations (MDA), Optimization algorithms, Process parameters, Metal forming

Afiliacje autorów:

Antúnez H.-IPPT PAN
Kowalczyk M.-IPPT PAN
2.Kowalczyk M., Analiza stanów pokrytycznych w układach sprężystych i niesprężystych (Praca doktorska), Prace IPPT - IFTR Reports, ISSN: 2299-3657, No.1, pp.1-162, 1994
3.Mróz Z., Kowalczyk M., Elasto-plastic post-critical analysis of disks under tension, ARCHIWUM MECHANIKI STOSOWANEJ, ISSN: 0373-2029, Vol.41, pp.461-480, 1989