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Recent publications
1.  Górecka K., Skłodowski M., Pawłowski P., Osowicki G., Belgijski pacjent. Polskie prace badawczo – konserwatorskie przy wielkoformatowym krzywoliniowym obrazie z XVIII w. z katedry Saint-Aubain w Namur, Biuletyn Informacyjny Konserwatorów Dzieł Sztuki, Journal of Conservation-Restoration, ISSN: 1234-5210, Vol.21, No.80, pp.62-71, 2016

Paper discusses a concept and conservation methodology of the XVII. century curvilinear canvas painting „Adoration of the Magi” from the Saint-Aubain Cathedral church in Namur (Belgium). Atypical form of the painting bowed in the horizontal plane, adapted to a, wall and its enormous size (3.70 x 4.50 m) required using some innovative technologies and materials. Restoration work required access to both the face and the back of the picture. But how to overturn the painting? How to strengthen its support? How to tight. it? Such problems can be solved only by the interdisciplinary collaboration of a team of professionals. In this way decisions about the conservation were discussed in the group of experts from various disciplines. The article focuses o! n the problem of curvilinear canvas stretching, which is presented fro m different points of view. In the council participated restorers, scientist and engineers. Finally, we agreed that the basic premise of the conservation process was a detailed analysis of the canvas shape and its preservation on each step of the conservation works. The concept required construction of two curved platforms: concave and convex. The new system of the canvas overturning was also designed. An innovating method of strengthening of the canvas vertical direction during lining process by using Kevlar fibres was applied. The XVII. century stretcher frame was preserved as an example of historical construction. The new stretching system was built out of the original stretcher frame. The conservation works were finished in 2014, the painting was put in the frame and fixed on the wall. The optical analysis of its shape achieved one year after showed that its state is stable.

Górecka K. - Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (PL)
Skłodowski M. - other affiliation
Pawłowski P. - IPPT PAN
Osowicki G. - other affiliation

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