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Recent publications
1.  Kim H.T., Razakamandimby D.F.T., Szilagyi V., Kis Z., Szentmiklosi L., Glinicki M.A., Park K., Reconstruction of concrete microstructure using complementarity of X-ray and neutron tomography, CEMENT AND CONCRETE RESEARCH, ISSN: 0008-8846, DOI: 10.1016/j.cemconres.2021.106540, Vol.148, pp.106540-1-12, 2021

The concrete microstructure was successfully reconstructed using the complementarity of X-ray and neutron computed tomography (CT). Neither tomogram alone was found to be suitable to properly describe the microstructure of concrete under this study. However, by merging the information revealed by the two modalities, and using image segmentation, noise reduction, and image registration techniques we reconstruct the concrete microstructure. Void, aggregate, and cement paste phases are successfully captured down to the images' spatial resolution, even though the aggregate consists of multiple minerals. The coarse-aggregate volume fraction of the reconstructed microstructure was similar to that of the mixing proportions. Furthermore, image-based finite element analysis is performed to demonstrate the effects of microstructure on stress concentration and strain localization.

concrete microstructure, X-ray tomography, neutron tomography, image segmentation, complementarity field, image-based analysis

Kim H.T. - other affiliation
Razakamandimby D.F.T. - other affiliation
Szilagyi V. - other affiliation
Kis Z. - other affiliation
Szentmiklosi L. - other affiliation
Glinicki M.A. - IPPT PAN
Park K. - other affiliation

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