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The assembly of 18th December, 2020, has officially awarded the Nowacki Science Award to dr. Elżbieta Pieczyska (Phd, DSc), professor of IPPT PAN, head the Division of Applied Thermodynamics of the Department of Experimental Mechanics IPPT PAN.

The Nowacki Science Award is given to scientists of outstanding scientific and engineering achievements in the fields of theoretical and applied mechanics, as well as in various solutions in designing machines, devices and constructions (Act of 15th January 2007 at the PTMTS Warsaw Division general meeting).



Assoc. Prof. Elżbieta Pieczyska, head of the Division of the Applied Thermomechanics, Department of the Mechanical Engineering IPPT PAN, is a laureate of the scientific award named after Witold Nowacki, an outstanding Polish mechanic. The award is granted by the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics PTMTS for outstanding scientific or engineering achievements in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics.

Research interests of E. Pieczyska concern investigation of modern multifunctional materials: alloys, polymers and composites with shape memory, as well as the innovative β titanium alloy - Gum Metal. This includes development of the methodology and carrying out a wide program of experimental studies of the effects of thermomechanical couplings of shape memory polymer and Gum Metal, identification of dissipation mechanisms, examination of the evolution of the strain localization, including the determination of Yield limits, also in subsequent loading-unloading cycles, which turned out to be a valuable result, noticed also by the first researchers of these materials (Science 2003).



E. Pieczyska cooperates with foreign scientific and research institutions in Japan; AICHI Institute of Technology, Hitachi University, Fukuoka University (visiting professor, 2019), SMP Technologies Inc., Tokyo, University of Tsukuba as well as the University of Kragujevac, Serbia and Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Romania. Since 2012 she has been developing a collaboration cooperating with Toyota Central and Development Laboratories.



She is a nominated member of the Committee of European Association for Experimental Mechanics EuraSEM; and a laureate of the Award of Merit of this organization. Also the Co-chairman of 19 ICEM to be organized in Cracow in 2021.


The Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics PTMTS is a nationwide association of about 1,000 scientists working in the field of widely understood mechanics. The Society has been operating since 1958, constituting an integration and information base for its members employed in universities and research institutes in 19 academic centers in Poland. The PTMTS published Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics JTAM

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