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Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences was founded in 1953 and has now become one of the biggest institutes of the Academy.

Our mission is not only to develop research, but above all - to create and develop a leading center of science and technology and innovative solutions, and to introduce the latest technological achievements to the Polish and foreign, scientific and industrial communities.

We conduct our mission by investing in human capital. We shortlist candidates in competitions in order to employ the best. We create optimum environment for the development of each of our co-workers, on every level of their scientific carrier. We also provide professional administrative and technological support in acquiring and implementing research projects, and offer a wide spectrum of international scientific cooperation, and many possibilities to raisie professional qualifications.

We take pride in creating the environment in which everyone can find solid and science-based knowledge so that they can fully develop their potential.


Join our community now and become...



Join us and...

Follow this link for the list of open applications:


IPPT PAN research is divided into eight independent scientific units. For detailed information on their activities, follow the departments websites:


Researchers are selected in a competition and appointed according to the regulations of the IPPT PAN Scientific Council current resolution. Follow the link: Scientific Council – Documents for the current act on the employment in research positions IPPT PAN.


What can we offer?

  • Research at category A+ leading PAN institute,
  • Access to high computing power computers
  • Access to high-end apparatus and specialized laboratories
  • Participation in international projects and science conferences
  • Support in scientific career development (aspiring scientists can become IPPT PAN researchers by joining IPPT PAN Doctoral School)
  • Friendly atmosphere, cooperation with experienced scientists
  • Support in applying for additional funds and fellowships
  • A choice of specialized trainings and workshops run by IPPT PAN
  • Support in developing extra curriculum scientific interests


What do we expect?

Please follow the link below for full disclosure of the current offers: Job Offers


Where to apply?

If you are interested, please apply according to individually set up instructions under specific offer on: Job Offers



Join us and...

IPPT PAN has been conducting PhD courses since 1968. Thanks to many years of experience and great potential of our highly-qualified academics and researchers, the Institute plays a leading role in doctoral education in technical studies, especially in:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Automation, Electronics, Electrotechnology
  • Biomedical Engineering

Currently, IPPT PAN runs two Doctoral Schools:

  1. IPPT PAN Doctoral School, specializing in:
    • Mechanical Engineering,
    • Materials Engineering.
  2. Doctoral School of Information and Biomedical Technologies (TIB PAN), a cross-institutional doctoral study, specializing in:
    • Information Technology and Telecommunications,
    • Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science.

To apply, students need to have completed Master's degree, demonstrate distinctive interest in science and have high motivation for scientific work.


What can we offer?

  • Research at category A+ leading PAN institute,
  • Cooperation with experienced scientists and young and ambitious research teams,
  • Access to high-end apparatus and specialized laboratories
  • Access to high computing power computers
  • Cooperation with prestigious foreign and Polish science centers, participation in international projects and science conferences
  • Foreign exchange programmes
  • Support in applying for additional funds and fellowships
  • Creative, innovative and friendly atmosphere
  • A choice of specialized trainings and workshops run by IPPT PAN
  • Free language courses on various levels of linguistic competence
  • Support in professional and additional skills development
  • No academic work required, which means you can devote all your time to scientific research and your education


What do we expect?

  • Master's degree
  • Love for research work
  • Strong motivation for ambitious and laborious scientific work
  • Good command of English
  • Presentation of your research subject to the chosen supervisor and their acceptance
  • Passing examination to the IPPT PAN Doctoral School (application dates and detailed information will be given during the recruitment process)


How to apply?

If you are interested, please read all information on the selected school website:

  • IPPT PAN Doctoral School (www)
  • TIB PAN Doctoral School (www)



Join us and...

Everyone can become an IPPT PAN Ambassador and supporter, if they:

  • work in science
  • work in education
  • implement technological ideas
  • deal with engineering in a broader sense of the term
  • plan and draw up academic classes/lessons/projects etc.

and if they:

  • Understand the importance of popularizing science related to technology for the society’s development.

If you are such a person, then you are the perfect candidate!


What can we offer?

  • VIP access to events dorganized by IPPT PAN (lectures, workshops, trainings, competitions, science popularizing events such as: Science Day, Science Festival, Science Picnic and award conferrals),
  • Access to resources (publications, dedicated laboratory equipment upon prior approval)
  • Participation in chosen trainings or presentations (i.e. technology transfer, equipment operation trainings) led by for IPPT PAN employees
  • Support in organizing original educational events about research run by IPPT PAN (upon prior acceptance by IPPT PAN)
  • Advertisement of selected original activities on the Institute's website
  • Getting an insider's view of the Institute and an opportunity for networking with our employees
  • Personal development support


What do we expect?

  • Well-grounded knowledge of the Institute (including: IPPT PAN's mission and the ability to present it)
  • Several years of experience in conducting classes on Science and Science popularizing events (workshops, lectures/science presentations/extracurricular classes) or several years of experience in managing science projects on Engineering and Technology)
  • Promoting the mission of the Institute and Doctoral Schools (a couple of times a year, e.g. by providing lesson scenarios, upon prior acceptance)
  • Participation in annual employee meetings on promotion, innovation, development and cooperation


Where to apply?

If you are interested, please send a cover letter with an included list of your performed events to: . For full disclosure, please contact Ms Katarzyna Parkitna.

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