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Highly qualified personnel, extensive experience in research and intensive international cooperation are IPPT PAN’s key to success. Our outstanding scientists can pride themselves on numerous publications in renown scientific journals, a significant number of granted patents and many awards and distinctions.

The Institute makes every effort to provide its employees with the best scientific development, both on the national, and international level. We also know the importance of science in industry, that is why we prioritize to implement science directly and assess its results in a longer perspective. We believe that best results can only be obtained through constant scientific discourse and verification. That is why our scientists share opinions and argument with researchers from all over the world, keeping an open mind to new ideas. Such methods lead to maintaining the highest levels of our research, and combining it with the education of doctoral students that we also provide, determines the high position of our Institute.

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Scientific Achievements

(in the reporting year of 2019)

Selected, more important achievements in projects/research studies conducted in the reporting year of 2019

A number of new results have been achieved in micromechanics of materials, particularly:

  • Three-scale crystal plasticity model for modelling the development of microstructure in two different stainless steels has been applied (published in METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS A-PHYSICAL METALLURGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE).
  • Elastic properties of nanocrystals of metals using atomistic estimates and the micromechanical two-phased model have been estimated (published in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE).
  • FEM numerical simulations and microtomographic imagery of microstructures allowed for the explanation for scale effect observed in thermal measurement of residual stress in Cr/Al2O3 composite (published in MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A-STRUCTURAL MATERIALS PROPERTIES MICROSTRUCTURE AND PROCESSING).
  • Scale effects have been analyzed during a stress-induced martensitic transformation in 2-dimensional nano-indentation (published in MECHANISC OF MATERIALS).
  • Texture and twinning-induced plastic anisotropy in AZ31B magnesium alloy extruded rods have been examined (published in MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A-STRUCTURAL MATERIALS PROPERTIES MICROSTRUCTURE AND PROCESSING).

Forming droplets is one of the most important processes in microfluidic devices; droplets separated by continuous phase may be biochemical substances carriers or even small isolated bioreactors. The so far unexplored droplet formulation regime in T-junction for small shear values has been characterized. In such regime, the droplets size raises along with the decreasing shear value resulting from continuous phase leakage at corners of a channel (square or rectangular). Precise control over the creation of droplets of the desired size is incredibly significant for the development of microfluidic technique and breakthrough research solutions in biochemical analytics, applied in: e.g. single-cell sequencing.
The works were carried out as part of the FIRST TEAM FNP project. The results were published in Nature Communications, among others.

Most important scientific achievements of the Institute in the report year of 2019 of general socio- and economic importance.

The designed classification system for mineral aggregates, including methods and assessment criteria for estimating their reactiveness, documented in Wytyczne techniczne klasyfikacji kruszyw krajowych i zapobiegania reakcji alkalicznej w betonie stosowanym w nawierzchniach dróg i drogowych obiektach inżynierskich has been implemented by the Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad (General Directorate for National Road and Motorways – Polish road authority) for building road infrastructure of increased durability. The development has high economic importance – it helps to prevent the occurrence of harmful alkali-aggregate reaction in building concrete, which otherwise leads to premature structural damage. The developed methods for testing aggregate reactivity are used in regional GDDKiA laboratories together with the original measuring device invented by IPPT PAN.

Another scientific achievement of potential economic importance is the development of new chromium cast iron matrix composite material reinforced by electrocorundum particles and the development of process parameters of its production. Results of linear method wear resistance test and SEVNB test for bending and fracture toughness are comparable to the properties of the XWIN® commercial material, used in coal mills. FPM S.A Mikołów is interested in implementing this composite.

Selected 2 most important applications of research results or development papers of public importance from the last reporting period of 2019

Automated USG-guided HIFU device for thermal solid tumor ablation in small animals have been built. This device can also be used for new cancer drug testing in preclinical trials. The device allows for thermal destruction of primary solid tumors located deep under skin, without damaging the surrounding tissue. Main advantages of HIFU therapy are its non-invasive character, lack of ionization, significant reduction in side effects after therapy, possibility of its many repetitions and shorter recovery time with respect to other surgical methods and radio/chemotherapy (patent no. 233294).

Designing real-size new technologies demonstrator (12m) of aerodynamically stable anchored helium aerostats (so-called heli-kites and moni-kites). Potential application in: telecommunications and monitoring systems for “smart cities”. Application examples: monitoring city traffic, estimation of generated exhaust fumes pollution and then forecasting migration of smog clouds; fire monitoring of forest complexes; monitoring of extensive building construction sites and mass events; local delivery of Internet connection, e.g. during mass events. The helium base and demonstrator dock station have been placed in PAS Research Center in Jabłonna near Warsaw.

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