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Assoc. Prof. Filippo Pierini (Department of Biosystems and Soft Matter at IPPT PAN) has commenced research work under the project “Multifunctional smart nanostructured platforms for light-triggered wound healing polytherapy”. He received funding from the National Science Centre.

The biological activities connected with wound healing are extremely varied, complex and dependent on several factors, therefore biological processes related to every wound area and structure are changing over time. Scientists have been trying to mimic the multifunctional behavior of natural biological structures during the last few years. To overcome these issues, a novel class of materials capable of treating the injury with different therapeutic strategies is needed. Moreover, the possibility of triggering a single therapeutic process on-demand at a well-defined place and precise time is a key factor in developing an ideal biomaterial for wound healing treatments.
The development of bionanomaterials is a relatively new field of research in the wound dressing area. Material scientists, immunologists, biologists, surgeons, and computer scientists are closely collaborating. Their efforts are leading in new bionanomaterials, new nanotechnologies, and related methods that are emerging daily and will lead to the rapid development of nanomedicine to the benefit of patients.
This research aims to design, develop, and test the applicability of hydrogel-based nanocomposite materials for wound healing application, having unique optical, mechanical and chemical properties merged with biocompatibility and responsivity to light. The novel nanoplatforms fabricated during the project will have the ability to merge a few targeted therapeutic strategies in one single nanostructured material.
The proposed bioactive nanomaterials will be created using an innovative method capable of producing materials responsive to light. The hydrogel nanomaterials based on nanofibers and nanoparticles will be extremely soft and biocompatible. The nanostructured platform will be able to efficiently deliver different bioactive molecules and kill pathogens on-demand to accelerate the healing process of the wounds and avoid any source of contamination in the treated area. Furthermore, it is expected that the developed nanomaterials will be applied in different fields such as smart sensors, photonic, photovoltaic, and energy storage.

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