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The General Assembly of the Warsaw Scientific Society has chosen prof. Tadeusz Burczyński, director of IPPT PAN, and prof. Maria Ekiel-Jeżewska, head of the Division of Complex Fluids at the Department of Biosystems and Soft Matter IPPT PAN for Ordinary Members.

Warsaw Scientific Society (Polish acronym: TNW) is situated in the Staszic Palace in Warsaw and operates in academic standards. In was established in 1907 as a continuation of the historical Society of Friends of Science (its long-standing tradition goes back to the beginnings of the 19th century, when it was also known under other Polish names, such as: Towarzystwo Warszawskie Przyjaciół Nauk 1800–1832, Towarzystwo Królewskie Przyjaciół Nauk or Warszawskie Towarzystwo Królewskie Przyjaciół Nauk).

The Society aims at supporting and developing research in all fields of science through undertaking various initiatives such as organizing science assemblies, giving lectures, speeches, and organizing competitions for research papers, or conducting publishing activities.

The Society is supported by the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Warsaw University of Technology (since 2006), the Warsaw University (since 2009), Cardinal S. Wyszyński University (since 2015). Its current president is Jerzy M Langer (since 2020).

Electing the two IPPT PAN professors for TNW members is a great honor, as the Society choses only scientists with highest achievements in their professional work and commitment to promoting science for the Warsaw scientific community, and whose work and attitude can be considered exemplary to the younger colleagues.

For full information on elections (in Polish), visit: (

List of 35 newly accepted members of the Society:

  • Burczyński Tadeusz
  • Cywiński Łukasz
  • Dziembowski Stefan
  • Ekiel-Jeżewska Maria
  • Gancarczyk Paweł
  • Garstecki Piotr
  • Grochala Wojciech
  • Grzybowski Bartosz
  • Kieda Claudine
  • Kołodko Grzegorz
  • Kossacki Piotr
  • Koszmider Piotr
  • Kowalczyk Paweł
  • Kurczewski Jacek
  • Kuźmierkiewicz Wojciech
  • Lepri Valentina
  • Lesyng Bogdan
  • Liebert Adam
  • Ładyżyński Piotr
  • Matuszewski Michał
  • Meissner Krzysztof
  • Mikołejko Zbigniew
  • Olechowski Marek
  • Pachucki Krzysztof
  • Piela Lucjan
  • Rychard Andrzej
  • Sucharski Robert
  • Szelągowska Grażyna
  • Szewczyk Andrzej
  • Udalski Andrzej
  • Wesołowski Jacek
  • Woźniak Adam
  • Zdunik Anna
  • Ziółkowski Mariusz
  • Żylicz Maciej

The election procedure is divided into two stages. Having put forward a motion by at least two TNW members, TNW departments organize voting, after which they shortlist candidates based on their achievements, and the final decision is made by the General Assembly. TNW’s Statute requires a very high threshold of 2/3 of the valid votes.

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