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On September 23-27, 2019, Science Festival took place at IPPT PAN. In the annual event we presented the series of lectures and laboratory presentations for audience of all ages.




1. Regeneration of knee ligaments and cartilage using 3D polymer structures – Dorota Kołbuk-Konieczny, PhD, Eng., Olga Urbanek-Świderska, PhD., Eng., Beata Niemczyk-Soczyńska, M.Sc., Eng., Angelika Zaszczyńska M.Sc., Eng., Oliwia Jeznach, M.Sc., Eng.

2. The woman does NOT come to the doctor... about new medical technologies – Marcin Lewandowski, Ph.D

3. How the flowing blood impacts blood clotting? – Paweł, Nakielski, Ph.D, Eng., Izabela Piechocka, Ph.D



4. Can technology be intelligent? – Andrzej Świercz, Ph.D., Eng., Grzegorz Mikułowski, Ph.D., Eng., Rafał Wiszowaty, Ph.D., Eng., Dominik Pisarski, Ph.D., Eng., Paula Broniszewska, M.Sc., Eng., Błażej Popławski, M.Sc., Eng., Łukasz Jankowski, Ph.D., Dr Habil., Eng.,

5. Porosity in the nature – from atom to bone and concrete – Przemysław Ranachowski, Ph.D., Dr Habil., Ryszard Wojnar, Ph.D., Eng., Daria Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, Ph.D., Dr Habil., Eng., Erwin Grzebielichowski


6. How do you get out of this labyrinth? – Marcin Lewandowski, Ph.D. and Małgorzata Zienkiewicz - Hexomino

7. The invisible world: look through the scanning electron microscope – Judyta Dulnik, M.Sc., Eng., Olga Cegielska M.Sc., Eng., Piotr Denis M.Sc., Eng., (supervised by prof. Paweł Sajkiewicz)

8. Ultrasounds in medicine – Hanna Piotrzkowska-Wróblewska, Ph.D., Eng.

Coordinator: Katarzyna Parkitna, IPPT PAN, phone: 22 826 12 81 ext. 234

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