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On February 2., 2023 the consortium consisting of IPPT PAN (LIDER), FlyFocus, ADT Group, Kestrel Aeronautics begins the project titled “Resistant to electronic warfare, intelligent, independent navigation and detection of magnetic anomalies system for unmanned platforms operating in marine waters”, acronym MAG-TRACK.


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The project will be financed by the National Center for Research and Development within the Program for National Defense and Security entitled "Development of modern, breakthrough technologies for the security and defense of the state" - "SZAFIR", Competition No. 4/SZAFIR/2021, contract No. DOB-SZAFIR/01/B/018/04/2021.

The SZAFIR program of the National Center for Research and Development is aimed at creating appropriate organizational and financial conditions in order to stimulate initiative and use the potential of scientific institutions and entrepreneurs to create new innovative ideas for developing technologies that will gradually and methodologically enable filling technological gaps in the catalog of modern solutions on the level of new materials, assemblies and technical systems in key areas and subject areas for national defense and security.

Within the MAG-TRACK project, technology of navigation and magnetic anomaly detection will be developed until reaching the sixth level of technological readiness TRL 6. The technology proposed by the Consortium is an alternative to easily disturbable navigation based on the GPS satellite system or visual navigation, which in the case of activities in marine waters may be ineffective due to the lack of reference points. Ultimately, the MAG-TRACK technology will include original software based on advanced deep learning algorithms, which will be implemented on proprietary hardware. The proposed solution can be applied in various types of vehicles operating in very different environments, from aircraft to land vehicles, ships and submarines. Moreover, in the long term, the project will contribute to expanding knowledge about Earth's magnetism and the possibility of its use in aviation.

The total value of the project is PLN 14,980,917 and it is fully financed from national funds.

The project manager is Rami Faraj, PhD from IPPT PAN.


Fig. Visualization of the magnetic navigation and detection system MAG-TRACK

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