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A. Azarov

Recent publications
1.  Nowak M., Mulewska K., Azarov A., Kurpaska , Ustrzycka A., A peridynamic elasto-plastic damage model for ion-irradiated materials, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCES, ISSN: 0020-7403, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijmecsci.2022.107806, No.107806, pp.1-46, 2022

This study presents the novel peridynamic constitutive relations formulated in order to predict the plastic deformation and damage evolution in irradiated materials. The plastic behaviour of the material in which radiation induced defects contribute to the defined peridynamic porosity is described by the Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman (GTN) yield criterion with irradiation hardening. The definition of peridynamic porosity is proposed as a volume of discontinuities created in the volume of peridynamic particles. The new constitutive relations for irradiation hardening based on the dilatational part of elastic strain energy are formulated. The physical relevance of coupling the porosity with the nonlinear irradiation hardening is discussed. The expressions for the yield function, kinetics of evolution of radiation induced porosity, irradiation hardening and plastic flow rule are derived in terms of the peridynamics variables. The peridynamic predictions are calibrated based on the experimental data obtained during the advanced experimental campaigns dedicated to irradiated materials to verify the validity of the proposed constitutive model. Ion irradiation campaigns were carried out to mimic the effects of neutron irradiation. A series of indentation experiments were conducted to elucidate the effects of material structure modification and assess the hardening effect originating from radiation defects.

Peridynamics,Constitutive modeling,Radiation induced damage,Peridynamic porosity,Gurson yield function,Irradiation hardening,Ion irradiation,Nano-indentation test

Nowak M. - IPPT PAN
Mulewska K. - National Centre for Nuclear Research (PL)
Azarov A. - other affiliation
Kurpaska  - National Centre for Nuclear Research (PL)
Ustrzycka A. - IPPT PAN

Conference abstracts
1.  Ustrzycka A., Dominguez-Gutierrez F.J., Nowak M., Mulewska K., Azarov A., Kurpaska Ł., PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL EFFECTS OF RADIATION DAMAGE, ICEM, 19th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, 2022-07-17/07-21, Kraków (PL), No.TS1, pp.99-100, 2022

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