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A. Mucci

University of Modena (IT)

Recent publications
1.  Lanzi M., Salatelli E., Giorgini L., Mucci A., Pierini F., Di-Nicola F.P., Water-soluble polythiophenes as efficient charge-transport layers for the improvement of photovoltaic performance in bulk heterojunction polymeric solar cells, EUROPEAN POLYMER JOURNAL, ISSN: 0014-3057, DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2017.10.032, Vol.97, pp.378-388, 2017

Water-soluble regioregular poly{3-[(6-sodium sulfonate)hexyl]thiophene} (PT6S) and poly{3-[(6-trimethylammoniumbromide)hexyl]thiophene} (PT6N) have been synthesized and employed both as photoactive layers for the assembling of “green” bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells and as charge-collection layers in a cell with “classic” architecture. While the photovoltaic performances obtained with the two aforementioned polymers were lower than the reference cell, their latter use allowed to notably increase the inherent J-V properties, leading to a considerable enhancement in the overall photovoltaic output. The power conversion efficiency of the optimized multilayer BHJ solar cell reached 4.78%, revealing a higher efficiency than the reference cell (3.63%).

Water-soluble polymer, Polythiophene derivative, Bulk heterojunction, Organic photovoltaic, Interfacial layer

Lanzi M. - University of Bologna (IT)
Salatelli E. - University of Bologna (IT)
Giorgini L. - University of Bologna (IT)
Mucci A. - University of Modena (IT)
Pierini F. - IPPT PAN
Di-Nicola F.P. - University of Bologna (IT)

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