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A. Sitko

Gdańsk University of Technology (PL)

Recent publications
1.  Sitko A., Szkodo M., Kucharski S., Influence of nitriding and laser remelting on properties of austenitic stainless steel type x10crni18-8 and cavitation erosion resistance, Advances in Materials Science, ISSN: 1730-2439, DOI: 10.1515/adms-2016-0006, Vol.16, No.2, pp.21-31, 2016

The paper presents properties of surface layers. Surface layers were obtained by using low temperature glow–discharge nitriding process and laser remelting carried out on austenitic stainless steel type X10CrNi18-8. Investigations were done by using an Ultra Nanoindentation Tester (UNHT) in the Warsaw Institute of Fundamental Technological Research. The influence of the above mentioned treatments on obtained surface layers is shown. The values of the Vickers hardness (HV), the irreversible indentation work (Wir), the reversible work (We) and the maximum depth (hmax) during indentation were determined using the method proposed by Oliver and Pharr [1]. On the basis of mechanical properties, the elasticity (Ie) and ductility (Iir) indexes were calculated. Moreover, microstructure cross-section of the austenitic stainless steel after nitriding process and laser remelting was observed using a scanning electron microscope. Cavitation test was performed at a vibratory rig with stationary specimen. On the basis of erosion curves the cavitation resistance was evaluated.

glow-discharge nitriding process, laser remelting, austenitic stainless steel, diffusion layer, nitrided case, expanded austenite

Sitko A. - Gdańsk University of Technology (PL)
Szkodo M. - Gdańsk University of Technology (PL)
Kucharski S. - IPPT PAN

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