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Albert Zomaya

University of Sydney (AU)

Recent publications
1.  Kołodziej J., Burczyński T., Zomaya A.Y., A note on energy efficient data, services and memory management in Big Data Information Systems, INFORMATION SCIENCES, ISSN: 0020-0255, DOI: 10.1016/j.ins.2015.06.001, Vol.319, No.Special issue: Energy Efficient Data, Services and Memory Management in Big Data Information Systems Edited By Joanna Kołodziej, Tadeusz Burczyński and Albert Y. Zomaya, pp.69-70, 2015

As we delve deeper into the Digital Age, we are witnessing an explosive growth in the variety, velocity, and volume of data being transmitted over the Internet. The rapid migration of Big Data Information Systems (e.g., fraud detection in banking transaction, product sentiment analysis, smart cities, etc.) to datacentre computing environments is fueling an increasing concern about the growing demand for electricity and related carbon emissions. Big Data is emerging news around the world. For example, studies by CISCO [1] and IBM [2] found we now generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. According to IDC [3], the data universe is set to explode to 40 yottabytes by 2020 5200 gigabytes for every person on earth. Together with the rapidly increasing volume of data being generated, opportunities for analysing such data to distil knowledge that can help solve problems that benefit individuals, the industry and government, and our entire society presents a monumental technical challenge. Considering the large volume and velocity of Big Data, smart information systems, will exploit the elastic storage and computational power of datacentre computing servers for undertaking learning and other analytics tasks.

Kołodziej J. - Cracow University of Technology (PL)
Burczyński T. - IPPT PAN
Zomaya A.Y. - University of Sydney (AU)

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