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Andrzej Gradzik

Rzeszów University of Technology (PL)

Recent publications
1.  Kukla D., Kopeć M., Gradzik A., Identification and characterization of the grinding burns by eddy current method, Open Engineering , ISSN: 2391-5439, DOI: 10.1515/eng-2022-0382, Vol.12, pp.1-5, 2022

This work presents an attempt to identify local
changes in materials caused by local grinding burnings
by using the eddy current (EC) method. The locally heattreated AISI 9310 steel specimen was prepared by using a
laser surfacing process to imitate three different grinding burns. These burn marks were characterized in terms of changes in microstructure and hardness on the surface and cross-section of the specimen. On such a basis, the depth of the heat-affected zone caused by the grinding tool was examined. Subsequently, the specimen was subjected to the EC measurements for the quantitative description of the signal from each of the defects by using a commercial NORTEC 600D flaw detector working in specimen Q5 scanning mode and with a pencil probe. The changes in the amplitude and the phase angle of the signal from three defects indicate the possibility to identify burns along with their quantitative description and subsequent estimation of their depth. The differences in the phase angle value, related to the local changes in the stress state, serve as an effective indicator of the specimen overheating degree in the area of the EC induction

eddy current,non-destructive testing,hardness,heat-treatment

Kukla D. - IPPT PAN
Kopeć M. - IPPT PAN
Gradzik A. - Rzeszów University of Technology (PL)

Conference abstracts
1.  Kukla D., Kopeć M., Kolek Ł., Gradzik A., Identyfikacja i ocena przypaleń szlifierskich w stali AISI 9310 metodą prądów wirowych, 49 KKBN, 49. Krajowa Konferencja Badań Nieniszczących, 2022-10-19/10-21, Kołobrzeg (PL), pp.1-1, 2022
2.  Kukla D., Kolek Ł., Gradzik A., Evaluation and classification of grinding burns by eddy current method, DMIUT 2019, DIAGNOSTYKA MATERIAŁÓW I URZĄDZEŃ TECHNICZNYCH, 2019-05-29/05-31, Gdańsk (PL), pp.1-1, 2019

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