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E. Kuna

Recent publications
1.  Colmenares J., Kuna E., Lisowski P., Synthesis of Photoactive Materials by Sonication: Application in Photocatalysis and Solar Cells, Topics in Current Chemistry, ISSN: 2364-8961, DOI: 10.1007/s41061-016-0062-y, Vol.374, No.59, pp.1-21, 2016

In recent years, a good number of methods have become available for the preparation of an important group of photoactive materials for applications in photocatalysis and solar cells. Nevertheless, the benefits derived from preparing those materials through unconventional approaches are very attractive from the green chemistry point of view. This critical review work is focused on sonication as one of these promising new synthetic procedures that allow control over size, morphology, nanostructure and tuning of catalytic properties. Ultrasound-based procedures offer a facile, versatile synthetic tool for the preparation of light-activated materials often inaccessible through conventional methods.

Photoactive materials by sonication,Photocatalysis,Ultrasounds,Solar cells,Perovskites,Quantum dots

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