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G. Fracasso

Recent publications
1.  Pierini F., Foresti E., Fracasso G., Lesci I.G., Roveri N., Potential Technological Applications of Synthetic Geomimetic Nanotubes, ISRAEL JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, ISSN: 0021-2148, DOI: 10.1002/ijch.201000062, Vol.50, pp.484-499, 2010

Geomimetic chrysotile nanotubes have a high potentiality in nanotechnological applications. These synthetic inorganic nanotubes can be used to prepare quantum wires with interesting electrical and optical properties. In fact, they behave as host systems, exhibiting a constant inner diameter inferior to 7 nm, a low tendency to aggregate and large inter-channel separation, preventing the interaction between individual guest filled nanomaterial acting as an unisosotropic confining structure. The chemical-physical properties of undoped and differently Fe doped geoinspired chrysotile synthetic nanotubes have been reviewed confirming that these characteristic features make synthetic chrysotile nanotubes excellent candidates to prepare innovative inorganic nanowires. Furthermore, the possibility to synthesize undoped geomimetic chrysotile nanotubes with high reproducibility and crystallinity avoids cytotoxicity, making them safe for human health.

chrysotile, geomimetic nanostructures, inorganic nanotubes, nanotechnology, nanowires

Pierini F. - other affiliation
Foresti E. - other affiliation
Fracasso G. - other affiliation
Lesci I.G. - University of Bologna (IT)
Roveri N. - University of Bologna (IT)

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