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Kazuyoshi Tateyama

Ritsumeikan University (JP)

Recent publications
1.  Zawidzki M., Tateyama K., Nishikawa I., The constraints satisfaction problem approach in the design of an architectural functional layout, ENGINEERING OPTIMIZATION, ISSN: 0305-215X, DOI: 10.1080/0305215X.2010.527005, pp.1-24, 2011

A design support system with a new strategy for finding the optimal functional configurations of rooms for architectural layouts is presented. A set of configurations satisfying given constraints is generated and ranked according to multiple objectives. The method can be applied to problems in architectural practice, urban or graphic design—wherever allocation of related geometrical elements of known shape is optimized. Although the methodology is shown using simplified examples—a single story residential building with two apartments each having two rooms—the results resemble realistic functional layouts. One example of a practical size problem of a layout of three apartments with a total of 20 rooms is demonstrated, where the generated solution can be used as a base for a realistic architectural blueprint. The discretization of design space is discussed, followed by application of a backtrack search algorithm used for generating a set of potentially ‘good’ room configurations. Next the solutions are classified by a machine learning method (FFN) as ‘proper’ or ‘improper’ according to the internal communication criteria. Examples of interactive ranking of the ‘proper’ configurations according to multiple criteria and choosing ‘the best’ ones are presented. The proposed framework is general and universal—the criteria, parameters and weights can be individually defined by a user and the search algorithm can be adjusted to a specific problem.

Architecture, design support, architectural layout optimization, multi-objective, discrete Optimization, CSP

Zawidzki M. - other affiliation
Tateyama K. - Ritsumeikan University (JP)
Nishikawa I. - Ritsumeikan University (JP)

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