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Magdalena Parolczyk

Recent publications
1.  Franczyk B., Gluba-Brzózka A., Olszewski R., Parolczyk M., Rysz-Górzyńska M., Rysz J., miRNA biomarkers in renal disease, International Urology and Nephrology, ISSN: 0301-1623, DOI: 10.1007/s11255-021-02922-7, Vol.54, pp.575-588, 2022

Chronic kidney disease (CKD), which is characterized by the gradual loss of kidney function, is a growing worldwide problem due to CKD-related morbidity and mortality. There are no reliable and early biomarkers enabling the monitoring, the stratification of CKD progression and the estimation of the risk of CKD-related complications, and therefore, the search for such molecules is still going on. Numerous studies have provided evidence that miRNAs are potentially important par- ticles in the CKD field. Studies indicate that some miRNA levels can be increased in patients with CKD stages III–V and hemodialysis and decreased in renal transplant recipients (miR-143, miR-145 and miR-223) as well as elevated in patients with CKD stages III–V, decreased in hemodialysis patients and even more markedly decreased in renal transplant recipients (miR-126 and miR-155). miRNA have great potential of being sensitive and specific biomarkers in kidney diseases as they are tissue specific and stable in various biological materials. Some promising non-invasive miRNA biomarkers have already been recognized in renal disease with the potential to enhance diagnostic accuracy, predict prognosis and monitor the course of disease. However, large-scale clinical trials enrolling heterogeneous patients are required to evaluate the clinical value of miRNAs.

Chronic kidney disease

Franczyk B. - Medical University of Lodz (PL)
Gluba-Brzózka A. - WAM Teaching Hospital (PL)
Olszewski R. - IPPT PAN
Parolczyk M. - other affiliation
Rysz-Górzyńska M. - other affiliation
Rysz J. - Medical University of Lodz (PL)

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