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Massimiliano Livi

University of Bologna (IT)

Recent publications
1.  Lanzi M., Di-Nicola F.P., Livi M., Paganin L., Cappelli F., Pierini F., Synthesis and characterization of conjugated polymers for the obtainment of conductive patterns through laser tracing, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, ISSN: 0022-2461, DOI: 10.1007/s10853-013-7204-1, Vol.48, pp.3877-3893, 2013

This article describes the preparation of thin films of conjugated polymers which can enhance their specific electrical conductivity by several orders of magnitude by changing their state from insulating to conducting materials. The examined polymers, i.e., a polyacetylenic and a polythiophenic derivative, are functionalized with thioalkylic side chains and are soluble in common organic solvents from which they lead to thick homogeneous films. The films can be deposited on different substrates, either rigid or flexible, and can be easily exposed to laser radiation to make them conductive. The process is irreversible, and the final conductivity is stable over time, even in the presence of high temperatures (up to 180°C), moisture, and air. The high stability of treated samples, easy polymer synthesis and quick and inexpensive suitably tailored laser tracing procedure make these materials very promising for applications in organic electronics and in the development of new electronic circuitry.

Lanzi M. - University of Bologna (IT)
Di-Nicola F.P. - University of Bologna (IT)
Livi M. - University of Bologna (IT)
Paganin L. - University of Bologna (IT)
Cappelli F. - Stem S.a.s. (IT)
Pierini F. - other affiliation

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