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V.M. Rysakov

Recent publications
1.  Rysakov V.M., Light scattering by “soft” particles of arbitrary shape and size: II-Arbitrary orientation of particles in the space, JOURNAL OF QUANTITATIVE SPECTROSCOPY AND RADIATIVE TRANSFER, ISSN: 0022-4073, Vol.98, No.1, pp.85-100, 2006

Conference papers
1.  Rysakov V.M., Rejmund F., Zienkiewicz B., Analysis of particle distribution according to sizes in emulsions by scattering of light in ultrasonic beam, Conference on Acousto-Optics and Applications V, 2004-08-04/08-10, Gdańsk (PL), DOI: 10.1117/12.612844, Vol.5828, pp.146-153, 2005

In the presented work the new method of the analysis of particle distribution in the emulsion according to the sizes with the increased resolution by means of the scattering of light is considered. A significant increase in the possibilities of the proposed method is achieved due to the additional introduction into the emulsion of physically powerful ultrasonic flow and make use of the frequency-phase method of detection. Fundamental special features of procedure and some technical questions are discussed.

light scattering, ultrasonic field, Doppler effect, emulsion, distribution of particles, frequency-phase detector

Rysakov V.M. - other affiliation
Rejmund F. - IPPT PAN
Zienkiewicz B. - IPPT PAN

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