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Why do a PhD in Mechanics at IPPT PAN? The Institute has been the country’s leading research center in mechanics for many years. Our research results are often published in most prestigious scientific journals in the world. By studying for a PhD at IPPT PAN, you get a unique opportunity to prepare your doctorate in front-page mechanical science, which greatly facilitates your further scientific career. More detailed subject of your study can be adjusted to your personal needs and predisposition – choose between theoretical, computer or experimental mechanics. In addition, your cooperation with a thesis supervisor who systematically publishes in international journals gives you a chance to have your works published quickly, too, which later counts when taking part in various competitions.

Your PhD in mechanics at IPPT PAN is a great investment for life!

Prof. Henryk Petryk, Corresp. Member, PAS


Ultrasound in medicine - PhD at IPPT PAN. Ultrasounds are used in all areas of medicine – in vascular studies, cardiac imaging, musculoskeletal system, endocrinology, cancer, obstetrics and gynecology. There are about 20 million examinations performed in Poland every year. Such popular technique requires specialist know-how of engineers and physicists. Our Institute is one of the world-leading centers developing methods and techniques of ultrasound for medicine and biology. We are also the only center in Poland of such broad spectrum of research in ultrasound. If you feel more of a theorist, you will find support from our outstanding scientists, and if you are more of an experimentalist and creator, you will find state-of-the-art laboratories to develop your diagnostic research. Whichever path you choose, graduating with a PhD from IPPT PAN opens up a world of possibilities for your future career.

Prof. Andrzej Nowicki, Member, PAS


Why a PhD in Information and Computational Science at IPPT PAN? The Institute has been, for many years, developing modern, advanced computer methods applied in mechanical engineering, construction analysis and modeling new materials. Recent years have brought intensive and unique research in such attractive fields as bioinformatics, neuroinformatics and systems biology. Our research teams, led by experienced supervisors, are mainly comprised of young scientists with very complementary specializations. We maintain close cooperation with foreign partners from world-leading research centers. Join IPPT PAN and work on the GRAFEN computer!

Prof. Janusz Szczepański


You can be sure that your doctorate in materials engineering at IPPT PAN will be written in one of the most attractive research areas of designing and modeling modern materials which are applied in many different fields of technology. Our offer reflects the research directions which currently enjoy great deal of popularity in the world, especially in the areas of: special-property steel for power industry, metal-ceramic composites for aviation, automotive and energy industries, modern composites applied in construction industry, thin-layered composite coatings deposited by laser pulse, memory-shaped materials, polymeric biodegradable materials with particular emphasis on applications for tissue engineering. Research is conducted on IPPT PAN’s state-of-the-art apparatus and in cooperation with leading science centers in the European Union and in the world. Our research teams take part in many national and international projects on materials engineering, and the good atmosphere surrounding their cooperation can also be conducive to your future success in research!

Prof. Leszek Jarecki

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