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Krzysztof Lewandowski

Recent publications
1.  Siekierka P., Makarewicz E., Wilczewski S., Lewandowski K., Skórczewska K., Mirowski J., Osial M., Composite of Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Plastisol and Wood Flour as a Potential Coating Material, Coatings, ISSN: 2079-6412, DOI: 10.3390/coatings13111892, Vol.13, No.1892, pp.1-19, 2023

poly(vinyl chloride) plastisol, wood flour, polymer-wood composite film

Siekierka P. - other affiliation
Makarewicz E. - other affiliation
Wilczewski S. - other affiliation
Lewandowski K. - other affiliation
Skórczewska K. - other affiliation
Mirowski J. - other affiliation
Osial M. - IPPT PAN
2.  Wilczewski S., Skórczewska K., Tomaszewska J., Lewandowski K., Studziński W., Osial M., Jenczyk P., Grzywacz H., Domańska A., Curcuma longa L. Rhizome Extract as a Poly(vinyl chloride)/Graphene Nanocomposite Green Modifier, Molecules, ISSN: 1420-3049, DOI: 10.3390/molecules27228081, Vol.27, No.8081, pp.1-18, 2022

In this work, a method to increase the dispersion of graphene (GN) in the matrix of rigid
poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) by using a natural plant extract from Curcuma longa L. (CE) is proposed. Currently, despite the increasing number of reports on the improvement of GN dispersion in PVC blends, still there is a need to find environmentally friendly and economical dispersion stabilizers. We proposed a stabilizer that can be easily obtained from a plant offering thermal stability and high effectiveness. PVC/GN nanocomposites stabilized with the proposed extract were investigated by SEM, AFM (structure), TGA, and Congo red test (thermal properties). Additionally, static and dynamic mechanical properties and electrical resistivity were measured. The use of CE as a graphene dispersant improved its dispersion in the PVC matrix, influenced tensile properties, increased the storage modulus and glass transition temperature, and extended the thermal stability time of nanocomposites. In this work, a CE extract is proposed as an efficient eco-friendly additive for the production of nanocomposites with an improved homogeneity of a nanofiller in the matrix and promising characteristics.

nanocomposites,graphene,poly(vinyl chloride),curcuma extract

Wilczewski S. - other affiliation
Skórczewska K. - other affiliation
Tomaszewska J. - other affiliation
Lewandowski K. - other affiliation
Studziński W. - other affiliation
Osial M. - IPPT PAN
Jenczyk P. - IPPT PAN
Grzywacz H. - IPPT PAN
Domańska A. - other affiliation

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