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Dorian Gabryel

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1.  Faraj R., Hinc K., Popławski B., Gabryel D., Kowalski T., Graczykowski C., Preliminary study on adaptive techniques for novel type of the rescue cushion, EURODYN 2020, XI International Conference on Structural Dynamics, 2020-11-23/11-26, Ateny (GR), pp.1-1, 2020

Despite the fact that airbag systems are well-known and used in safety engineering for many years the growth of research and development activities and increasing number of new applications of airbags are observed. Advances in the field includes among others: development of advanced car airbags, analyses of airbag cushioning for landing on Mars, elaboration of emergency landing system for drones. Another field of airbags application and simultaneously the main motivation for the study presented in the paper is the evacuation of people conducted by the fire brigade. When people are forced to leave the building by jump from the window or roof the rescue cushion is placed on the ground in order to mitigate the impact and safe life of evacuated people. The aim of the study is to develop the relevant adaptation strategy for the system and provide efficient operation of the airbag in case of different impact velocities and different masses of the landing person. Several approaches to the system adaptation are analyzed and they include semi-active as well as semi-passive solutions. Also possibility of implementing the concept of self-adaptive impact absorption is assessed. Technical and operational requirements for the rescue cushion are considered and based on them the final adaptation principles are selected. Evaluation of the system performance is conducted with the use of numerical models of dummies provided in the LS Dyna software environment. In Fig. 1. the overloads acting on pelvis of three different dummies dropped from assumed height are shown. The obtained mitigation of the impact loading is significant for all considered cases.

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Faraj R. - IPPT PAN
Hinc K. - inna afiliacja
Popławski B. - IPPT PAN
Gabryel D. - inna afiliacja
Kowalski T. - Adaptronica Sp. z o.o. (PL)
Graczykowski C. - IPPT PAN

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Faraj R., Gabryel D. M., Kowalski T. M.
Układy wykrywania i sygnalizacji gotowości do przyjęcia uderzenia poduszki powietrznej, zwłaszcza skokochronu oraz poduszka powietrzna zawierająca te układy
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