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dr hab. K. Ducki

Silesian University of Technology (PL)

Prace konferencyjne
1.  Barglik J., Ducki K., Kukla D., Mizera J., Mrówka-Nowotnik G., Sieniawski J., Smalcerz A., Comparison of Single and Consecutive Dual Frequency Induction Surface Hardening of Gear Wheels, VIII International Scientific Colloquium Modelling for Materials Processing, 2017-09-21/09-22, Riga (LV), DOI: 10.22364/mmp2017.27, pp.185-190, 2017

Mathematical modeling of single and consecutive dual - frequency induction surface hardening systems are presented and compared. The both models are solved by the 3D FEMbased professional software supported by a number of own numerical procedures. The methodology is illustrated with some examples of surface induction hardening of a gear wheel made of steel 41Cr4. The computations are in a good accordance with experiments provided on the laboratory stand

Afiliacje autorów:
Barglik J. - Silesian University of Technology (PL)
Ducki K. - Silesian University of Technology (PL)
Kukla D. - IPPT PAN
Mizera J. - Warsaw University of Technology (PL)
Mrówka-Nowotnik G. - Rzeszów University of Technology (PL)
Sieniawski J. - Rzeszów University of Technology (PL)
Smalcerz A. - Silesian University of Technology (PL)

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