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L.L. Dong

Abstrakty konferencyjne
1.  Dong L.L., Lewis R.W., Gethin D.T., Postek E.W., Simulation of deformation of ductile pharmaceutical particles with finite element method, ACME 2004, 12th Association of Computational Mechanics in Engineering Annnual Conference, 2004-04-05/04-06, Cardiff (GB), pp.1-5, 2004

In order to guarantee the strength and thus the quality of the tablets produced during the tabletting process, it is essential to understand the deforming characteristics of excipient binders. The present numerical work is motivated to provide an insight into the mechanical behaviour of the particle deformation of the excipient binder. In the present study pregelatinised starch is selected, which is known to behave in a ductile manner during compaction. An elasto-viscoplastic material model has been selected in the present study to simulate the deformation behaviour of the pregelatinised starch. Elasto-viscoplastic model 1S chosen because all the plastic deformation exhibits rate-dependency to some extent, and it is a well-developed model for simulating non-linear deformation which has been studied for four decades (Perzyna (1966), Zabaras and Arif (l992)).

Słowa kluczowe:
discrete element method, finite element method, viscoplasticity, adaptive meshing

Afiliacje autorów:
Dong L.L. - inna afiliacja
Lewis R.W. - University of Wales (GB)
Gethin D.T. - University of Wales Swansea (GB)
Postek E.W. - IPPT PAN

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