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Leili Motevalizadeh

Ostatnie publikacje
1.  Tahani M., Postek E., Motevalizadeh L., Sadowski T., Effect of Vacancy Defect Content on the Interdiffusion of Cubic and Hexagonal SiC/Al Interfaces: A Molecular Dynamics Study, Molecules, ISSN: 1420-3049, DOI: 10.3390/molecules28020744, Vol.28, pp.744-763, 2023

The mechanical properties of ceramic–metal nanocomposites are greatly affected by the equivalent properties of the interface of materials. In this study, the effect of vacancy in SiC on the
interdiffusion of SiC/Al interfaces is investigated using the molecular dynamics method. The SiC reinforcements exist in the whisker and particulate forms. To this end, cubic and hexagonal SiC lattice polytypes with the Si- and C-terminated interfaces with Al are considered as two samples of metal matrix nanocomposites. The average main and cross-interdiffusion coefficients are determined using a single diffusion couple for each system. The interdiffusion coefficients of the defective
SiC/Al are compared with the defect-free SiC/Al system. The effects of temperature, annealing time, and vacancy on the self- and interdiffusion coefficients are investigated. It is found that the interdiffusion of Al in SiC increases with the increase in temperature, annealing time, and vacancy.

Słowa kluczowe:
Interdiffusion,Diffusion coefficient,SiC/Al interface,Vacancy,Molecular dynamics

Afiliacje autorów:
Tahani M. - IPPT PAN
Postek E. - IPPT PAN
Motevalizadeh L. - inna afiliacja
Sadowski T. - Lublin University of Technology (PL)
2.  Motevalizadeh L., Tahani M., A Phenomenological Study of Chromium Impurity Effects on Lattice Microstrains of SnO2 Nanoparticles Prepared Using Sol–Gel Technique, Crystals, ISSN: 2073-4352, DOI: 10.3390/cryst13060919, Vol.13, No.6, pp.919-12, 2023

Słowa kluczowe:
Cr-doped SnO2, sol–gel, Williamson–Hall models, Halder–Wagner method, microstrains

Afiliacje autorów:
Motevalizadeh L. - inna afiliacja
Tahani M. - IPPT PAN

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