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M.P. Mienkina

Ostatnie publikacje
1.  Mienkina M.P., Postema M., Hansen C., Schmitz G., Modelling ultrasonic backscattering of an SPIO-MRI contrast agent, Biomedical Engineering-Biomedizinische Technik, ISSN: 1862-278X, Vol.50, No.S1, Supplement, pp.750-751, 2005

The ultrasonic backscatter coefficient (BSC) of superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) nanoparticles, which are used as a liver MRI contrast agent, was simulated using a Yagi backscattering model. The BSC of SPIO cores that are aggregated in the lysosomes of Kupffer cells is significantly higher (85 dB) than the BSC of non- aggregated SPIO cores. Considering in vivo concentrations, the aggregated SPIO does not elevate the BSC of the liver markedly (9x10-6 dB). Thus, the reported visibility of SPIO in clinical ultrasound cannot be explained by classical scattering theory. Other non-linear effects need to be taken into account.

Afiliacje autorów:
Mienkina M.P. - inna afiliacja
Postema M. - inna afiliacja
Hansen C. - CERN (CH)
Schmitz G. - inna afiliacja

Lista rozdziałów w ostatnich monografiach
Hiltawsky K.M., Haisch C., Mienkina M.P., Postema M., Schmitz G., Health Academy, Molecular imaging: Innovationen und Visionen in der medizinischen Bildgebung, rozdział: Optoakustik in der medizinischen Bildgebung, pp.159-175, 2006

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