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R. Ortwein


Ostatnie publikacje
1.  Ortwein R., Ryś M., Skoczeń B., Damage evolution in a stainless steel bar undergoing phase transformation under torsion at cryogenic temperatures, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DAMAGE MECHANICS, ISSN: 1056-7895, DOI: 10.1177/1056789516656746, Vol.25, No.7, pp.967-1016, 2016

Phase transformation driven by plastic strains is commonly observed in austenitic stainless steels. In the present paper, this phenomenon is addressed in connection with damage evolution. A three-dimensional constitutive model has been derived, and scalar variables for damage and the volume fraction of the transformed phase were used. The model was solved using Abaqus UMAT user defined procedure, as well as by means of simplified one-dimensional approach for a twisted circular bar. Large experimental campaign of tests was performed, including martensite content measurements within the cross-section and on the surface of the bar during monotonic and cyclic loading. Based on the residual angle of twist, damage variable was calculated. The global response of torque versus the angle of twist was measured as well. Comparison between the experimental results and the results obtained from the simplified one-dimensional approach and from the full three-dimensional approach are presented. It turns out that one-dimensional formulation agrees quite well with full three-dimensional model. Thus, much simpler approach can effectively be used. Moreover, experimental results agree well in terms of the martensite content evolution and relation: torque versus the angle of twist. Damage evolution is correctly predicted in terms of the maximum values. Lastly, the evolution of damage during cyclic torsion is discussed, as the experimental results indicate rather surprising effect of unloading modulus recovery after each reversion of twist direction

Słowa kluczowe:
Cryogenic temperatures, plastic strain-induced phase transformation, torsion, damage evolution, constitutive model, martensite, austenitic stainless steels

Afiliacje autorów:
Ortwein R. - CERN (CH)
Ryś M. - inna afiliacja
Skoczeń B. - Cracow University of Technology (PL)

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