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R. Wantoch-Rekowski

Military University of Technology (PL)

Abstrakty konferencyjne
1.  Konowrocki R., Dąbrowski A., Wantoch-Rekowski R., Brona P., Modelling of special train dynamic for construction simulator to train drivers training, ART 2017, 6th International Scientific Conference - ADVANCED RAIL TECHNOLOGIES, 2017-11-15/11-16, Warsaw (PL), pp.10-11, 2017

Due to the fact that training simulators of railway vehicles must fulfill unique requirements resulting from the specific properties of the simulated vehicles, in this article on determining the main criteria for modeling the dynamics of such systems was presented. A methodology used in the study on the selection of parameters of the modeled vehicle and its driveline based on experimental studies was described. Adaptation of parameters obtained from the experimentally test into the dynamics model of vehicle was presented. Currently used solutions in simulators as well as issues related to animation and presentation of the image was provided. The requirements for the operation of the rail vehicle simulator, as well the design requirements for visualization of the image were defined and discussed.

Słowa kluczowe:
railway vehicle simulator, railway vehicle drive system, virtual environment VBS3

Afiliacje autorów:
Konowrocki R. - IPPT PAN
Dąbrowski A. - Railway Research Institute (PL)
Wantoch-Rekowski R. - Military University of Technology (PL)
Brona P. - Railway Research Institute (PL)

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