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Abstrakty konferencyjne
1.  Broniszewska P., Anodic Oxidation of AlSi10Mg Alloy Manufactured by DMLS, AMM, ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING MEETING 2019, 2019-09-18/09-19, Wrocław (PL), pp.38, 2019

Direct Metal Laser Sintering is a powder bed fusion process, which allows direct production of elements with complex shapes and very good mechanical properties. However, regardless of manufacturing technology elimination of some materials’ weaknesses is definitely tough to eliminate. These weaknesses might be excluded by surface engineering.This poster presents results of producing oxidized films on AlSi10Mg alloy manufactured by Direct Metal Laser Sintering using EOSM280 system equipped with 400W Yb fiber laser and standard EOS AlSi10Mg powder. AlSi10Mg is a near-eutectic die casting alloy which is applied to automotive and aviation industries. The density of printed samples was under 99%. We used 3 different methods of oxidation: traditional electrochemical oxidation, electrochemical oxidation in lower temperature (hard anodizing) and plasma electrochemical oxidation. Processes lasted 20 or 25 minutes. Traditional and hard anodizing was carried out in H2SO4 with the voltage in the range of 18.5-32.5 V. Plasma oxidation was carried out in 2 g/l KOH + 4 g/l Na2SiO3 and the applied voltage was between 190 and 225 V. Metallography, SEM and EDS proved that we received Al2O3 oxides on the AlSi10Mg surfaces. All produced films were thin (2-5 um), providing slightly increased microhardness and roughness of the surface. Roughness depends especially on electric current parameters applied in the oxidation process. Therefore the structure of layers manufactured by plasma electrochemical oxidation was more irregular and porous. All films had high adhesion which was confirmed by scratch tests.

Słowa kluczowe:
DMLS, electrochemical oxidation, anodizing, aluminum alloy, AlSi10Mg

Afiliacje autorów:
Broniszewska P. - IPPT PAN

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