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M. Wo Andrew

Ostatnie publikacje
1.  Wang A., Cheng C., Lin I., Lu F., Tsai H., Lin C., Yang C., Pan P., Kuan C., Chen Y., Lin Y., Chang C., Wu Y., Kurniawan T., Lin C., Wo Andrew M., Chen L., A novel DNA selection and direct extraction process and its application in DNA recombination, Electrophoresis, ISSN: 0173-0835, DOI: 10.1002/elps.201000449, Vol.32, pp.423-430, 2011

In the conventional bench-top approach, the DNA recombination process is time- and effort-consuming due to laborious procedures lasting from several hours to a day. A novel DNA selection and direct extraction process has been proposed, integrated and tested on chip. The integrative microfluidic chip can perform the whole procedure of DNA recombination, including DNA digestion, gel electrophoresis, DNA extraction and insert-vector ligation within 1 h. In this high-throughput design, the manual gel cutting was replaced by an automatic processing system that performed high-quality and high-recovery efficiency in DNA extraction process. With no need of gel-dissolving reagents and manipulation, the application of selection and direct extraction process could significantly eliminate the risks from UV and EtBr and also facilitate DNA recombination. Reliable output with high success rate of cloning has been achieved with a significant reduction in operational hazards, required materials, efforts and time.

Słowa kluczowe:
Chip integration, DNA recombination, DNA selection and extraction , Microfluidics

Afiliacje autorów:
Wang A. - National Taiwan University (TW)
Cheng C. - inna afiliacja
Lin I. - inna afiliacja
Lu F. - inna afiliacja
Tsai H. - inna afiliacja
Lin C. - inna afiliacja
Yang C. - inna afiliacja
Pan P. - inna afiliacja
Kuan C. - inna afiliacja
Chen Y. - inna afiliacja
Lin Y. - inna afiliacja
Chang C. - inna afiliacja
Wu Y. - inna afiliacja
Kurniawan T. - inna afiliacja
Lin C. - inna afiliacja
Wo Andrew M. - inna afiliacja
Chen L. - inna afiliacja

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